AusChauffeur operates Nationally around Australia under its Covid Safe Plan which is designed to allow normal travel in our usual Premium Luxury service style whilst being completely safe for both passengers and drivers.

AusChauffeur Covid Safe Plan puts the health and safety of all passengers, drivers, office staff and the community in general at the forefront of our operations.

Measures in place around covid checks and covid clean are in all aspects of the business operations aimed at ensuring covid is stopped should it present in one of our vehicles or with one of our passengers or drivers, so as to eliminate the spread into the community at large.

Working together with our suppliers, partners, venues, destinations, community groups and Local and State Governments we generate a web of information around safety for all concerned.

In our current world with society under attack from pandemics such as Covid-19 AusChauffeur take serious regular tasks such as vehicle cleaning.

This was a regular practice simply for providing best service possible in a way that creates comfort and provides style to the passengers experience.

This regular process of vehicle cleaning is now also for the health and safety of both passenger and driver.

Vehicles are cleaned at the start of each day both inside and out as per normal process, plus also now wiped over after each transfer of passengers, using Hospital Grade Disinfectants that kills a broad range of bacteria and complex viruses such as Coronavirus, inside and out on contact points such as door handles, seats, seat belts, buttons, levers, glass etc., and on breathing points such as back of driver and passenger headrests and seats.

Vehicles are cleaned using PPE - gloves, eye protection and masks, long sleeve shirts and pants reducing skin exposure.

Drivers collecting passengers from Airports, Train Stations, Bus Depots and Cruise Terminals will do so wearing masks and if necessary gloves and eyewear.

Drivers may also ask passengers to wear masks and gloves should they feel the need to do so for their own safety and safety of others.

Drivers may choose to wear masks, gloves and/or eyewear at all times should it be deemed appropriate or as per Government guidelines or Industry recommendations.

Please complete the AusChauffeur Covid-19 Declaration by clicking the link below:

AusChauffeur Covid-19 Declaration

QTAB Covid-19 Clean Cert